Paul is happy to devise and run one off training courses for any
individual or organisation particularly in the field of High Definition

Paul currently devises and runs courses at;

At the National Film and Television School (NFTS).
Master classes in Lighting, Digital Cinematography, HD Cinematography, Exposure control etc.

At the National Short Course Training Programme.
Courses in Lighting, Digital Cinematography, Exposure control, Composition, Digi Beta shooting and HD

For the British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society (BKS).
Foundation courses in Film and Video, Cinematography and Lighting courses etc.   

He is currently Tutor in Advanced Cinematigraphy at the New Your Film Academy in London.   

He is currently the Tutor in Camera Technique and Cinematography at the Metropolitan Film School

He runs HD familiarisation courses at Panavision Europe.

He runs HD familiarisation courses at Procam.

He runs one day HD familiarisation courses for VMI.
For bespoke one-to-one and small group courses please contact                                             for details.