I created Cinecharts to supply often used, easily affordable and durable charts for the film and digital

The most popular chart is my improved Star Chart. It is used to set the back focus on any digital

On one side of an A4 sheet is my improved star chart. Being white on black it is easier to use as there is
far less lens flare so the assessment of sharp focus is made easier.

Having quadrants of lines in the corner allows you to assess quickly  any "off axis" lens alignment
which can happen due to the weight of the camera continually being taken by the lens hand grip.
The improved Star Chart
On the reverse of the improved star chart there is a series of oval rings. This is an alternative way of
setting the back focus. If you turn the peaking in viewfinder up to maximum and focus either the lens
or the back focus you will see the peaking run around the rings until it nearly closes at the top and the
bottom. It will never completely close.

This technique removes much of the judgment needed when using a star chart and is particularly
useful when setting the back focus on wide angle lenses.

The chart is shown below.
Reverse of supplied chart
The combined double sided chart is printed on high quality paper on a photo quality printer and
then hot laminated.

In addition I supply another double sided card, slightly smaller than A5, which has on one side the
instructions for using both the back focus charts and on the reverse side has the instructions for
lining up a video monitor using either EBU  bars OR SMPTE bars.

You can purchase both the combined back focus charts and the instruction card for a total of £15
including postage and packing by sending me either a cheque or cash in pounds sterling. I am
sorry that at present I cannot accept any other form of payment.

To Email me for further information or to order a chart simply clicking on;