Paul Wheeler
Credits Include;

KING LEAR                                     Staring: Sir Ian McCellan
Shot in High Definition                            Directors: Trevor Nunn / Chris Hunt
      Producers: Richard Price, Chris Hunt &
      Andy Picheta
THE OPTICIAN                                
Staring: Chris Barrie
Shot in High Definition                              Director: Jane McGee      

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE      The performance Company
                                                  Producer:  Richard Price
                                                  Directors:  Trevor Nunn
                                                                        & Chris Hunt

COR BLIMEY                                      Producer:  Margaret Mitchel
                                                   Director:  Terry Johnson

OKLAHOMA!                                       Primetime TV
                                                   Producer:  Richard Price
                                                   Directors:  Trevor Nunn
                                                                        & Chris Hunt
               1999 International Emmy Award - Performing Arts
2000 US International Film & Video Festival - Golden Camera Award

THE ABBA STORY                             Iambic Productions
                                                    Producer / Derector:  Chris Hunt
                                   1999 BAFTA Nomination

CARGO                                                 Yellow Productions
Feature Film shot on Mini DV                        Director:  Andy Reiss

BIRTHDAYS                                         Screen 2 Screen
Short for the Cinema                                    Producer / Director: Chris Atkins
Shot in High Definition 24P

SMALL HOTEL                                    Commotion Pictures
                                                     Producer:  James Harris
                                                     Director:  Jamie Payne

                                                Film & General Productions
                                                Producer:  Gillian Gordon
                                                Director:  Jane Prowse

ROUGH MAGICK                             Bubblehead Productions
                                                 Producer:  Stephen Parsons
                                                 Director:  Jamie Payne

PEOPLE'S PASSION                      Producer:  Tim Woolford
                                                 Director:  Tony Cash

                                                 Producer:  Tony Rowe
                                                 Director:  John Woods
                       Emmy Nomination & Prix Italia Nomination

HUNTING VENUS                            Buffalo Pictures / YTV
                                                  Producer:  Philippa Braithwaite
                                                  Director:  Martin Clunes

NEVILLE'S ISLAND                         Primetime TV & ITV
                                                  Producer:  Judy Cramer
                                                  Director:  Terry Johnson

THE QUEEN'S NOSE                      Film & General Productions
                                                  & BBC
Series I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII                            Producers:  Clive Parsons
                                                  & Devina Belling
Series VII shot in High Definition                 Directors:  Carol Wiseman
                                                  & David Skynner
  1998 INDIE Award for Best Digital Cinematography (Series II)
  1999 INDIE Award for Best Digital Cinematography (Series III)

                                                  Producer:  Andree Molyneux
                                                  Director:  Jim Gillespe

GHOST HOUR                                    BBC
                                                   Producers:  Andree Molyneux                                          
                                                                            & Ruth Baumgarten
"Blood & Water"                                Director:  Terry Johnson
"I'll be Watching You"                      Director:  John Strickland
"Three Miles Up"                               Director:  Lesley Manning
"Blood & Fire"                                    Director:  Terry Johnson

U.F.O.                                                    Working Title Films
Feature Film                                               Producer:  Simon Wright
                                                    Director:  Tony Dow

EYE OF THE STORM                         Childplay Productions
Drama Serial for BBC                                   Producer:  Hugh Warren
                                                     Director:  Peter Taburn

PIRATE PRINCE                                  Producer:  Julie Baines
Film for Television                                        Director:  Alan Horrox

TIME RIDERS                                       Thames Television
3 x 1 hour Serial                                           Producer:  Alan Horrox
                                                      Director: Michael Witerbottom

INSPECTOR MORSE                           Zenith Entertainment
                                                       Producer: David Lascelles
"Sins of the Fathers"                           Director:  Peter Hammond
"Infernal Serpent"                                 Director:  John Madden
"Driven to Distraction"                        Director:  Sandy Johnson
"Masonic Mysteries"                            Director:  Danny Boyle
1991 BAFTA Nomination for Best Cinematography

INSPECTOR MORSE                           Zenith Entertainment
                                                      Producer: David Lascelles
"Second Time Around"                      Director:  Adrian Shergold
"Fat Chance"                                         Director:  Roy Battersby
"Who Killed Harry Field"                     Director:  Colin Gregg
"Greeks Bearing Gifts"                        Director:  Adrian Shirgold
1990 BAFTA Nomination for Best Cinematography

LORNA DOONE                                      Working Title Films
                                                        Producer:  Anthony Root
                                                        Director:  Andrew Grieve

THE SAINT                                               Producer:  Christopher Neame
Telivision series                                             Directors:  Ian Toynton
                                                                             & Henry Herbert

THE DARK ANGEL                                BBC
3 Part Film                                                     Producer:  Joe Waters
                                                        Director:  Peter Hammond

CHELWORTH                                          BBC
                                                        Producer:  Jonathan Alwyn
"Coming Home"                                     Director:  Brian Farnham
"A Wonderfully Wrong Thing"            Director:  Brian Farnham

                                                       Producer:  Michael Chapman
                                                       Director:  Chris Hodson

DIG DEAL                                                 BBC
                                                        Producer:  Terry Williams
"The Big Sleep"                                      Director:  Jeremy Summers
"The "Z" Team"                                      Director:  Jeremy Summers
"Playing the Ace"                                   Director:  Jeremy Summers
"Innocent OK?"                                      Director:  Jeremy Summers
"Down and Under"                                Director:  Jeremy Summers
"Breakthrough"                                      Director:  Derek Lister
"Home and Dry"                                     Director:  David Reynolds
"The Video Man"                                    Director:  Chris Menaul
"One Good Turn Over"                         Director:  John Glenister

CALL ME MISTER                                   BBC
                                                         Producer:  Bob Banks Srewart
"Running Time"                                      Director:  Peter Ellis

BERGERAC                                              BBC
                                                         Producer:  Jonathan Alwyn
"Chrissie"                                                  Director:  David Reynolds
"Come Out Fighting"                              Director:  Robert Young

LOVEJOY                                                   BBC
                                                          Producer: Bob Banks Stewart
"The Real Thing"                                      Director:  Roger Tucker

TENKO                                                        BBC
                                                          Producer:  Ken Riddington
                                                          Directors:   Jeremy Summers               
                                                                                & Micheal Morris

GIVE US A BREAK                                   BBC
                                                           Producer:  Terry Williams
                                                          Director:  David Reynolds

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE                        BBC
                                                           Producer:  Jonathan Powell
                                                           Director:  Cyril Coke

FAWLTY TOWERS                                    BBC
                                                           Directors: John Howard Davis
                                                                               & Bob Spiers
Commercials Include:

Ford Mondeo "Senses"                           Paul Street, Streetlight Films
                                                            for Young Guns

Adams Children's Clothes x 2                 Young Guns

COI, Ministry of Information x 4               Paul Street, Streetlight Films

Starburst - "Green with Envy"                 David Skynner
Starburst - "Beat It!"                                   Sneezing Tree Films

Countries worked in:

Australia,Bangladesh, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland,
Italy, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, USA, Venice etc.  
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