Second Edition– ISBN - 978-0-24-052936-0

Substantially rewritten and revised with several new chapters

This authoritative new Second Edition demystifies the technologies of High
Definition cinematography. It is written for the director of photography,
camera crew and producer or director and deals with the subject from their
point of view. It provides a thorough and logical description of the five
scanning formats 24P, 25P, 30P, 50i and 60i as well as recording formats,
editing options, delivery potential and discussions on the financial
implications theses decisions might have.

The new edition has well over 60% of the contents completely revised and
rewritten. There are totally new chapters describing in detail, but using simple
English, how both Progressive and Interlace scanning operate and how both
systems perform when printed out to film.

There are reviews of ten high end HD cameras, all of which Paul has
experiance of. Cameras include models from Arri, Dalsa, Panasonic,
Panavision, Sony and Thomson.

It looks at comparative costs between different decisions surrounding
camera formats, such as 16mm to 35mm shooting for different examples,
such as a 100-minute low budget movie or 30 second commercial. There is
also considerable discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using
HD versus film, seen from a producer's perspective and what the impact is on
all those involved in making a movie. Different delivery systems and camera
equipment are discussed as well as editing.

Filled with practical advice for tackling everyday decisions and choices, this
is a must-have guide for anyone using or considering using high definition

Practical Cinematography is published in English, Japanese and Korean.

Practical Cinematography discusses the principles of cinematography and
the expertise which is unique to the Director of Photography (DoP). It deals
with all the basic theory such as colour temperature and sensitometry, and all
the practical things a DoP needs to know, from the make-up of the crew to
how to prepare an equipment list.

The new edition also covers Digital Intermediates, Discusses High Definition,
has a much fuller explanation of the photographic process and has many
extended chapters etc.

The book is divided into five sections: People; The Technology; The
Cinematographer's Craft; Operating and The Future.

Its contents are arranged so that it may be dipped into for quick reference -
perhaps to answer a specific question or deal with practical problems relating
to a shoot - or read from cover to cover.

Film-making is an art, but, like so many art forms, there are basic underlying
tools and techniques and a body of theoretical knowledge that must be
understood and mastered before artistic expression can flourish. This book is
intended to be of assistance to all aspiring DoPs, whether you are just
starting a career, or already have considerable experience in the other grades.


                                            ISBN - 0 240 51614 1

              Published in both English and Japanese.

Digital cinematography can truly challenge the film camera in many of the
technical, artistic and emotional aspects of what we think of as
'cinematography'. This book is a guide for practising and aspiring
cinematographers and DOPs to digital cinematography essentials - from how
to use the cameras to the rapidly emerging world of High Definition
cinematography and 24p technology.

This book covers the `on-the-set' knowledge you need to know - its emphasis
lies in practical application, rather than descriptions of technologies, so that
in this book you will find usable `tools' and information to help you get the job
done. From `getting the look' to lighting styles and ratios, what is needed for
different types of shoots and the technical preparation required, this is a
complete reference to the knowledge and skills required to shoot high end
digital films. The book also features a guide to the Sony DVW in-camera
menus - showing how to set them up and how they work - a
device to save you time and frustration on set.
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Second Edition - ISBN - 0 240 51962 0

The new edition of "Practical Cinematography" is now available
with many new chapters, other chapters totally rewritten and a
new order of subjects.